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Damn, been almost a year since my last journal entry an about a year an a half since my last upload....

Anyways, somewhat new update, been sketching alot, I could upload a sketch image with all my current works in progress, would just have to patch them all together.

Im working on three major pictures, one for :iconferrishia: one for :iconbaron-de-valois: an one more thats either my Ninja OC or personification of gluttony OC.

I was able to get a new job, which its currently temporary but Im happy with getting 20+ hours a week instead of 4 hours a week, damn last job treated me like shit.

So hopefully on my off-time where I am not playing tf2 or the soon to be coming out Borderlands the pre-sequel I will be working on some sketches an trying to get them uploaded.
Took my drawing tablet out and dusted it off, been dealing with some life problems but have been sketching alot inbetween times. Found some finished/unfinished artwork from way back in march and april which I am gonna be touching up sometime this month. Got a job (finally) after being unemployed for almost 6 months, assholes fired me from my last job the day before my birthday so yeah.....that was "great".

Hopefully I can stick to drawing and be able to do a few remakes on some of my OCs from before.

That ends now, working on a drawing, gonna finish it up tonight and hopefully get it uploaded if I am not tired. Got a few other drawings done but I will be able to get them uploaded finally (ones from march 28th) and I will get shit done.   
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Got about four, almost five works completed, two vore, one huge breasts, one dickgirl, and....actually it would be three vore pics, since the last one is a request from a dear close friend.

So those should be rolling around soon, still sketching, traditionally this time, got my laptop hooked up to my scanner/printer so I will be able to scan finished sketches and upload them ^w^

Nonetheless, between work, looking for jobs, golfing, exercising, and soon to be boating/fishing, I still work on drawings as much as I can.

So I will see ya later this week, with something to upload!


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My Steam ID is DecayedRathilos, hit me up if you wanna play either one of those games ^w^
Got too many different things going on and I would probably forget the request by mistake.

So 25,000
less then 100 views until I hit 20k, whoever takes a screenshot of it and sends me a note or comments on this with a link to show it will get a free request.

Tomorrow is a definite

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 11, 2013, 10:00 PM

For a upload

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This sucks

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 4, 2013, 8:11 PM

I got a few works ready to be  uploaded...its just...I don't feel like uploading them for some reason.

Idk, maybe later this week I will upload them

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Uploading something later today + more

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2013, 5:10 AM

Got some work somewhat finished, got work right now but wen I get back I'm gonna work on a few more things and then I will be uploading something, probably the full naughty maid image.

Got a futanari image in the works (a redo of an earlier pic) as well as another redo of an older pic concerning one of my OCs.

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Alright I have been lazy in drawing but....

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 16, 2013, 12:11 PM

Gonna start applying more of my time to drawing, on days that I have off I want to be able to get atleast SOMETHING done.

Also I need to try to get my scanner closer to my laptop (was moving lappy to the scanner but rather keep scanner nearby) so I can easily scan my traditional sketches.

Nonetheless, I have been reworking on a few old drawings for practice and possibly have something done by this weekend.

Sorry for the long wait for SOMETHING just been tied with with work an a few other things.

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Been bringing out the sketch pad and sketching out different ideas lately, got a bunch of different works.....just in sketch form. I'll be uploading something soon...just gotta finish it first.
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Having a irritating day today, work was alright but home-life is bad, I will upload what I have been working on in the past month. Warning:these works will be pretty bad, was trying some different angles and most (if not all) of them will be reworked.

It will probably just be a single upload, just with all my current works all together, but I have been working on a few ideas.

Also, been working on sketching with pencil and paper instead of on my tablet, I realize the way I sketch, it probably isn't a good idea to do it on my tablet, especially since I was an idiot and took the plastic off the top.

So I will have something uploaded later, gotta go head out and drive around, clear my mind and whenever I get back, something new will be uploaded so stay tuned!
Been reading abunch of tutorials and different things to help me with my anatomy practice, I am going to start uploading things onto DA on fridays, just instead of constantly uploading on different days, I will be choosing fridays when I will be uploading things that could be finished works, WIPs, etc.
.......haven't updated in a while since I can't draw for shit......

but anyone still waiting for an update?....
Tryin to find one on Deviantart so I can rework on my christmas picture and for future buffed people drawings. If anyone knows of a good tutorial, please post it in the comments.
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The past few uploads have been nothing but Futanari! My current two drawings involve either vore or a trap so if you are getting sick of Futa (I know I'm not) I will have a few submissions that are different.

Recent Submissions:

Mature Content

Barondevalois Bday 1 out of 3 *warnin futa* by LordExDeath

Mature Content

Merry Christmas! (Featuring Faris and Elenare) by LordExDeath

Mature Content

Barondevalois Bday 2 out of 3 by LordExDeath

Also in the works are two...maybe three animated featuring the christmas picture (gotta see what she's packing), one featuring a NEW Breast expansion and a special one for a friend featuring some Belly expansion. So expect all those in the next two weeks or so.

Also Futa New years eve pic in the works as well! Continuation of Christmas Picture!
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Been feeling like crap and have been busy with Christmas just coming along the corner, last minute shopping, last minute drawing, its just been bad recently.
I am almost finished with my christmas picture, once its done I will have that uploaded for sure, I also have a couple other images halfway done so hopefully I will be uploading soon.

Also: (from the last journal entry)

One of the groups I support :iconbigfurrycuties: Is looking for more members.

If you enjoy big fluffy furries and have artwork of them or know someone that enjoys or draws anything related to it, come on down to BFC and join our group, we will appreciate it ^w^
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One of the groups I support :iconbigfurrycuties: Is looking for more members.

If you enjoy big fluffy furries and have artwork of them or know someone that enjoys or draws anything related to it, come on down to BFC and join our group, we will appreciate it ^w^
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Once I finish editing them I will be uploading 3 giftarts I drew (meant for a big drawing) for :iconbaron-de-valois: Birthday.

Plus the christmas drawing is in the works, as well as a 2nd christmas drawing, 5 days left to get the two finished.